MN506_U9_Webquest Critique

Topic 2: WebQuest Critique

Submit the work you have done on your WebQuest for others to critique. Give substantial peer review using the template provided to two of your fellow classmates that do not have feedback. Do not attach the template, but copy it into the Discussion Board.

an example of one that was turned in:




I was shocked with the increase of violence but what was reported made it understandable. As our population ages, we will continue to experience the behaviors of our patients that have dementia. In addition, I wonder if this will increase secondary to the legalization of cannabis substances.


I was impressed with the robot voice but feel that it would have been more captivating in a human voice.


I live in a rural town so maybe that is part of my un-realization of violence in the Emergency Room (ER). Honestly, I had no idea it was so dangerous. Yes, I guess in the city but it appears to go beyond that as your team discussed. You all did a fantastic job covering the government response to this major problem. I was glad that you covered that convictions went from a Class C to a Third Degree Criminal Offense.


I am surprised that all state Legislators are not on board with protecting the healthcare workers since it is such a major problem and the occurrence is significant. I don’t know if you have heard or read, Chicago, has a massive problem with gun violence. The cost of medical care for gun violence is astronomical and is reported that it is impossible to put an accurate “price tag” on what it cost to treat the victims of gun violence but it was estimated to be $64,000 a year (Chicago Tribune, 2018). If there are that many shootings, guns are rampidly available in Chicago which makes ER nurses at greater risk for gun violence in their work environment. Your comment, “The most important element needed related to policy-making regarding this issue is having input from the emergency room nurses. They live this violence on a day to day basis and can provide the most effective interventions in dealing with workplace violence,” was very powerful.


I liked your proposal that the facility would be fined when they did not report a violence against a healthcare worker. I think there should be better training for healthcare workers during orientation of the hiring process and throughout the year as it has been my experience that training is generally not offered by facilities. With the increase in gun triggers, it is estimated that 75% of the events are geared toward hospital occurrences (Wands, 2016).


I agree, nurses are integral in the process of stopping violence as they work in the environment; however, as I stated earlier, I don’t think the training for detecting violence triggers is implemented in orientation. As your group stated, “in many situations there are triggers or cues that can alert a staff of a patient’s propensity to become violent,” and it would be beneficial to train employees during orientation on the subject.


It is very interesting that only 31 states consider “hitting a nurse a felony.” Makes one wonder why the other states don’t care. Those states most definitely need more lobbying on the matter.


Your PowerPoint was excellent! Very well put together, informative and professional.


Please check your references. There are many that are not formatted to APA standards. I’m not perfect but I can do my best to help if you need it.

Provide a short summary of the positive and negative aspects of the WebQuest

WebQuest is being utilized by many people. I personally don’t think that WebQuest is any better than PowerPoint and is a personal preference. What things did you experience that made WebQuest better than PowerPoint?

Additional Comments

Provide any additional comments, suggestions, or corrections that you feel the group should address in a revision of their project. As stated above, I would reformat your references. The writing center should be able to help. I have done one for you.

American Nurses Association (ANA). (2017). Workplace violence. Retrieved from


Chicago Tribune. (2018). Hidden toll of Chicago’s gun violence: $447 million in hospital

bills over seven years. Retrieved from

Wands, B. (2016). GUEST EDITORIAL. Active Shooter: Are We Complacent?. AANA

Journal, 84(6), 388-390.

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