Strategic Sourcing: Not just for Manufacturers, management homework help

Every organization, whether it is a manufacturer, wholesaler, service provider, or retailer, buys materials, services, and supplies to support operations. Using strategic sourcing to procure materials and services within the supply chain network to manufacture and deliver a product can provide obvious cost savings opportunities. Perhaps less obvious are the substantial cost savings that can be realized by any organization with respect to the goods and services for the non-manufacturing operational needs.

Let’s take a look at how the US Federal government uses strategic sourcing to leverage its buying power in order to create operational efficiencies and save costs.

For this assignment, research the website, compose your response to the questions, and post as one initial response to the discussion forum, “Strategic Sourcing: Not just for Manufacturers.”

  • Research the Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative on the GSA website:
  • Respond to the discussion questions:
    1. Which strategic sourcing initiative is the most impactful? Explain your position.
    2. What other strategic sourcing initiatives would you recommend to the GSA?
    3. The Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative was started in 2005. Why does it take some organizations a long time to accept and implement proven best practices?

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