the behaviors of supply chain networks, accounting homework help

must be 800 to 1000 plus diagram

warehouse manager thought a recent presentation on operations
management was extremely valuable to the company. He now wants to shift
the conversation to focus on his warehouse department. You told him a
little about supply chain design and how it could improve inventory
management. He is interested in hearing more about supply chain design
and wants his department staff to also be aware of this valuable
resource. He has asked you to create a memo that will be sent out to
everyone in his department.

Draft a memo explaining to your
warehouse managers how effective supply chain design could help to
enhance profitability and stakeholder value for the company, including
the following:

  • Provide an analysis of the behaviors of supply chain networks and supply chain drivers in your memo.
  • Explain how supply chain impacts distribution of assets and resources.
  • The
    memo should include a visual representation of an example supply chain
    network using the “Shape” or SmartArt” option in MS Word

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