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    Every day department of transportation turns any of my frequent trips per day into a twice as long sufferfest. They can’t be bothered to announce closures or work so you can plan accordingly. We all have to endure them desperately trying to expend their budget (for this year) of misappropriated funds to maintain their budget allotment for the following year.
    Be more efficient. Finish a project with your man power before you start another. Stop trying to use every traffic cone in the state to block lanes for distances that you will never finish before the days end. Stop having 3 guys watch one guy work. Make use of the various traffic apps to allow motorists an opportunity to modify their commute. Stop siphoning the small amount of free time that I have sitting in my vehicle trapped on the interstate. I am pretty sure that if I did my job as poorly as you do, I would be fired. Unfortunately, you know we are helpless to your inefficiencies. Never will they be proactive, DOT is always reactive and it is always years too late

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