Write an essay with 3 part question about cross cultural workplace

.a) Discuss three main challenges that both local employees and their foreign counterparts will face working together in the regional office in Asia. You should interview 2 local employees and 2 foreign employees on their perceptions of their workplace culture. The respondents should come from the same workplace. Your analysis should distinguish between the perceptions of local and foreign employees you have interviewed, and identify any nuanced cultural differences present. To adequately answer this question, analyse your findings based on relevant concepts and theories of cross-cultural theories, stereotypes and discrimination that may stem from interpersonal interaction, socialisation, and cultural context.

.b) Develop and design an induction programme that would establish clear milestones to promote a more conducive environment for exemplary local employees to step into leadership roles at the regional office depending on the context chosen in part (a). Explain how your programme directly or indirectly addresses the challenges you have identified in (a). Note that you will need to take into account, perceptions, attitudes, and behaviours towards local employees and vice versa.

c) In order for the induction programme in the regional office to be successful, there must be buy-in from all parties concerned. Plan a communication strategy for the induction programme that is not only sensitive to differences but also effective in publicising the programme, and will not put the organisation in a negative light. You should identify the language, tone, keywords, and phrases you will use in your response to this part of the ECA. Apply the communication model and other relevant concepts when elaborating on your communication strategy.

3000 word limit

Minimum of 3 references using APA style

More information on the assignment in the attached document

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