Contract Law Coursework

Please use OSCOLA referencing format, thank you!

‘Quick Print’ Ltd are a small printing business.  They have around twenty permanent employees.   In effect, the company has the feel of a small, family business.


Meena, the managing director, has ambitious plans for the growth of the company across the country. At one of the company ‘away days’, she promises employees a 10% increase in their salaries if they increased their working hours by three hours each week. Rob is a committed employee and agrees to put in the extra hours. On the strength of the assurance of a salary increase, he also joins a gym, committing himself to a five-year membership.


Determined to achieve a work-life balance, Meena also promises her husband that she will spend more time with the family and that she will take 3 weeks off during the summer, if he books a holiday for them.


Meena is now refusing to give her employees a 10% increase, despite Rob having worked the extra hours. Her husband has booked a family holiday abroad but Meena is now saying she is unable to take 3 weeks off and go on holiday.


Discuss Meena’s position in the scenarios above, using principles of Contract Law.

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