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Section 1: Thesis Statement Essay – 5 points WRITE A 2-3 PAGE THESIS ESSAY IN RESPONSE TO THE FOLLOWING PROMPT: What does (name of your author) tell us about the human being, God, and/or the relationship between God and the human being? You have worked on the tools to develop a thesis essay response throughout the Weekly Journals. For this response, you will need a thesis statement, a quoted passage, and your essay response supporting your thesis statement in your own words. You may use further quotations, and you may (and should) refer to specific points in the texts through citations (author/page # or title/page #) throughout your essay response. This thesis essay response has specific requirements: 1) Choose one of the mystical writers we have studied this semester to answer this prompt. 2) Choose one particular passage by that writer that reveals her/his interpretation of: a) the human being; b) God; c) and/or the relationship between the two. 3) At the top of the essay response, write your 20-word or less underlined thesis statement that answers the prompt question. 4) Type out the passage you selected. You may put the passage in italics, or in quotation marks. 5) Write your essay response below the thesis statement and quoted passage. You may restate the thesis statement within your essay, but the underlined thesis statement must stand on its own at the top of the essay. You will argue your thesis statement based on the textual evidence of your primary passage that reveals the author’s interpretation of: 1) the human being; 2) God; 3) and/or the relationship between the two. The passage you chose will be your main evidence, but you may also employ additional evidence from other parts of the author’s work. You may also consult and cite secondary source material located in your texts, from the files located in the Research Resources on Blackboard, or from other sources. This paper will reflect a close reading of the primary source text and will demonstrate your grasp of course concepts, vocabulary, issues, topics, and concerns. Section 1 should be 2-3 pages long (including the thesis statement and quoted passage). Section 2: Your Choice Essay Responses – 8 points (4 points for each Essay Response, there are 2) CHOOSE TWO (2) OF THE TEN (10) ESSAY QUESTION OPTIONS (on page 4 of this exam) TO WRITE AN ESSAY RESPONSE FOR EACH OF THE TWO (2) QUESTIONS YOU CHOOSE. The length of each response is somewhat variable. This section should total 2-3 pages, which means that each response can be one (1) page long, or one response can be half a page, and another response 1.5 pages, etc. The minimum for this Section I is two (2) pages total; the maximum is three (3). Type the prompt question at the top of each essay response. These essay responses do NOT need thesis statements (although you may use a thesis statement if that is helpful for you). The essay responses are intended for you to gather “everything you know” on the topic, displaying your CHRISTIAN MYSTICAL TEXTS Name ________________________ THEO 3340 – FALL 2020 PROF. LISA RADAKOVICH HOLSBERG 3 competence in understanding the concepts covered in our course, and put this knowledge into some kind of logical and readable coherence according to the question. You are encouraged to compare and contrast at least two authors for each question. Section 2 should be 2-3 pages long. Section 3: Making Contemporary Connections – 4 points Listen to the 50 minute podcast of an interview with host Krista Tippett and American poet Mary Oliver, On Being with Krista Tippett – Mary Oliver: Listening to the World recorded February 5, 2015. A link to this podcast that includes a written interview transcript are under “FINAL EXAM” on Blackboard. WRITE A 1-2 PAGE RESPONSE TO THE FOLLOWING PROMPT: Is Mary Oliver a mystic? Why/why not? The late Mary Oliver was not a member of the Christian Church. She was a prize-winning American poet whose poetry reflects deep engagement with spirituality. Consider in your response whether any of our authors, ideas, vocabulary, etc. resonate or conflict or do not apply (and why) with the content of Oliver’s poetry and thought disclosed in the interview (for instance, as you listened to the interview, did any “bells” go off that reminded you of something in our course?). Put Oliver into conversation with the mystical literature/content you consider appropriate from this semester. Section 3 should be 1-2 pages long. Section 4: Critical Assessment – 4 points WRITE 1-2 PARAGRAPH RESPONSES TO THE FOLLOWING TWO (2) QUESTIONS AS THEY RELATE TO YOUR OWN NOTIONS OF THE HUMAN BEING, GOD, AND/OR THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE TWO (1-2 pages): (Note: the “why” is the most important part of each question) 1) Which author/text/concept did you find the most difficult or challenging in our course, and why? 2) Which author/text/concept did you find most enlarged your understanding, and why? This is not a “trick” section, where I am looking for flattery, praise, etc. Rather, I am looking for your thoughtful and critical engagement with the course material, demonstrated by your elaboration of the “why,” as it intersects with your own learning and life. Section 4 should be 1-2 pages long. Section 5: Final Task – 4 points SELECT FOUR OF THE ASSIGNED READINGS, LECTURES, VIDEOS, IMAGES, SOUNDS, VOICETHREAD DISCUSSIONS, JOURNALS, QUIZZES, REFLECTION ESSAYS, AND/OR THE BOOK OF ILLUMINATED CHAPTERS CUMULATIVE PROJECT THAT MOST DEEPENED AND PROVOKED YOUR THINKING (this can be positively or negatively), AND BRIEFLY EXPLAIN HOW EACH ONE DID. (1-2 pages). Section 5 should be 1-2 pages long.

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