Perform Financial Statement Analysis

Apple Company


Complete a ratio (use activity ratios) analysis on the apple company for three years. 9/30/2017, 9/24/2016 and 9/26/2015

Include the ratio, its results and what the results mean for the company. Were there changes in the ratios, what could have caused the change?

Use the website on the top either one.

Show the activity ratios calculation

Ratio’s name: Inventory Turnover, Account Receivables Turnover, Total Assets Turnover, and Average collection period.

Once the Activity ratio analysis is completed answer the following questions.

1. Does the firm have any problem areas that you would investigate further if you were a manager?

2. Are there any other specific pieces of information that you would request from your management team with regards to this firm? If so, why?

3. Would you invest money in this firm based on your analysis?

Add reference page

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