Plato Ideal State


This paper is an opportunity for you to think more deeply about a philosophical topic and the overarching thinking of the philosophers we’ve been studying. In this paper you’ll be exploring a philosophical topic in relation to Plato, Aristotle or Hobbes. Make sure you answer each part of the question fully. Make sure you have a thesis statement and that you’re defending your thesis statement throughout the paper. You need to find at least one outside (scholarly) source to bring greater insight to your paper. You should also cite several direct quotes from the textbook in your paper (to ensure that you’re properly characterizing the philosopher’s arguments). The paper needs to be 5 pages, double-spaced and in MLA format. Make sure to create a works cited page. 

The prompt: 

Firstly, analyze the way that Plato sets up his ideal state in the Republic in relation to the philosopher-kings. What makes the philosopher-kings, according to Plato, capable of running the state? What are the attributes of the philosopher-kings? Why did Plato take private property and family membership away from philosopher-kings? Secondly, explore why such a plan would or would not work in an actual state. Explore the pros and cons of putting philosophers in charge of the state.

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