Weekly Journal

In the last two weeks we have discussed theories of aging, the experience of aging generally and through impairments that can occur in later life, differing perspectives of societal norms on aging, and ageism.

As the basis of your journal, reflect on and present the following:

  • Have you ever experienced ageism yourself or in hindsight exhibited ageist views? (Remember, ageism can be experienced by the young and the old, in fact, at any age.) How do you feel about this now?
  • After your experiences with the impairments this week have your perspectives on age altered?
  • How about regarding those at any age who have impairments? What new awareness have you gained in experiencing those with impairments?
  • With the interview last week, how has your perspective of what it will be like to be an elder changed? Has the experience led to a desire to plan for the future?

The journal response should be three pages in length (including title page) and cover all prompts in the instructions.

[Reminder: Journaling about the topic can help you process your developing views and reflect on your growth as you learn. Unlike a research paper, you do not have to cite references or use APA formatting. Rather, journal assignments are intended to be a presentation of your reflections and thoughts of your development based on the topics and resources of the course.]

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