Flowchart Improvement Process

Resources: Microsoft® Excel® (Template must be used – attached.)

Select a complex process from your personal life or work.

Use Microsoft® Excel® Template to create a flowchart of the “as-is” process. The template is attached. If you see the strange symbols from the inside of the chart, just delete them and type in your text in place of existing data.

Define metrics and measure the current process.

Use process improvement techniques to improve the process.

Use Microsoft® Excel® Template to create an improved process flowchart.

Use judgmental forecasting,
which is your professional judgement, to ascertain how the future
process will perform according to your metrics.

Develop a 300-word executive summary in Microsoft Word in which you
describe your process improvement project (including the as-is process
flowchart and the improved process flowchart). Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

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