Second Literature Review

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Second Literature Review

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2/28/2020 10:23:59 AM

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Dissertation Chapter-Literature Review

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In APA format, the literature review is considered to be one of the most common forms of writing. A literature review involves a critical summary of the scientific literature regarding a certain topic. For my paper I have chosen SELF-IMAGE (specifically related to personality and coping mechanisms), as the area/topic within PERSONALITY/CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY that I would like to investigate or write about. For this assignment, you will be expected to complete your own literature review. This is the second literature review and does not require any basic information or background on what self-image is. This literature review must be comprised of a more in-depth collection of scientific literature pertaining to the topic of self-image and how it relates to personality and coping mechanisms. The literature review should be approximately 3½ – 4 pages in length. Your literature review must include the follow sections: -Title page -Abstract -Introduction section -Review of the literature -Reference page DO NOT USE THE FOLLOWING SOURCES: Bailey 2nd, J. A. (2003). Self-image, self-concept, and self-identity revisited. Journal of the National Medical Association, 95(5), 383. Grodzinsky, E., Walter, S., Viktorsson, L., Carlsson, A. K., Jones, M. P., & Faresjö, Å. (2015). More negative self-esteem and inferior coping strategies among patients diagnosed with IBS compared with patients without IBS-a case-control study in primary care. BMC Family Practice, 16(1), 6. Hyseni Duraku, Z., & Hoxha, L. (2018). Self-esteem, study skills, self-concept, social support, psychological distress, and coping mechanism effects on test anxiety and academic performance. Health psychology open, 5(2), 2055102918799963. Kirkcaldy, B. D., Shephard, R. J., & Siefen, R. G. (2002). The relationship between physical activity and self-image and problem behavior among adolescents. Social psychiatry and psychiatric epidemiology, 37(11), 544-550. Nair, R. J. (2016). Self-Image and Self-Esteem for a Positive Outlook.

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