Writing two Comments about my classmates’s opinion

Hi, I want a help from you about writing two comments. I am going to past their posts here and I want from you to write your reply on their comment , I am doing discussion board about the Syllabs. Finaly, there is a (Rubric Discussion Board) I want from you to see it before writing two individual comments.

First comment by Betto :

When things are received in a compact way, its always a great help for doing something in an eminent manner. Here we had received a completely well-defined syllabus which is appreciable. From this we get a clear idea on what all things we have to do on completing a particular writing. The one thing which is most noticeable in the syllabus is that, it has well mentioned on the dos and don’t that we have to be watchful on writing something. As each weekly works are already scheduled, we will get enough time on preparing and organizing our fields of writing. As all assignments are restricted to be in MLA format, we will get a visible idea about MLA format, citations etc.

Second comment by Monica Lieving

I believe that this syllabus is very clearly defined. I really like that all of our writing assignments are already described which gives us plenty of time to start brainstorming in order to get a head start. The grading scale is also explained very well which is a very important thing to me and many others. I’m also very glad that the discussion boards are explained in lots of detail because some professors do not clearly tell you what they want for discussion boards. Overall this is a very easy to understand syllabus. I’m personally very excited that this course deals with argumentation papers. What are all of you looking forward to in this class?

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