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I need your opinion for each paragraph if you agree or disagree I need your opinion for each paragraph if you agree or disagree


I used the Child Welfare League of America to find my statistics for child abuse in Wyoming and I choose to compare it with New Mexico’s statistics. I choose New Mexico because it is in another part of the country than Wyoming is and it has a lower population compared to most states although not as low as Wyoming. In Wyoming in 2015, there 3,206 reports of child abuse that were referred to investigation. Of that amount 968 victims were abused or neglected, it is a rate of 7 per 1,000 children. 79.2% were neglected, 2% were physically abused and 7.1 percent were sexually abuse. 2 children died in the year of 2015 due to abuse or neglect. In New Mexico there were 21,798 reports of abuse that were referred for investigation. Of that amount 8,701 victims were abused or neglected, it is a rate of 17.5 per 1,000 children. 82.2% were neglected, 13.4% were physically abuse and 2.7% were sexually abuse. 14 children died as a result of abuse or neglect.

Obtaining data is dependent on other people to report child abuse and on law enforcement to build a case for conviction. I am positive there is more child abuse going on than what the statistics report but that is because there are people who are good at hiding it. There are also false reports and people have a different idea of what child abuse or neglect is. Take free range parenting style into account, they are in favor of letting their children play around the neighborhood even going several blocks away from the house without supervision. Some of these parents have been turned into authorities for it because other people feel they are neglecting their children. There are also people who believe spanking your child is abuse while others feel it is a reasonable form of punishment. At this level it is opinion but it still get accounted for in statistics when reported


In Colorado about 8.0 of 1000 children are abused or in abused situations. In Colorado the break down of kids that are living out of the home are primarily white, then you have Hispanic children and black children. Asian and American Indian children make up a very small percent of the children that live outside of the home in a foster care setting.

I live in Colorado and I have lived in Colorado for over a decade but I am originally from North Carolina and their rates of child abuse is only 3.4 to 1,000. Child abuse has actually decreased in North Carolina since 2011.

I am going to go out on a limb here and say the differences may be what people in Colorado perceive as abuse in Colorado in North Carolina they might not see certain things as abuse. I can say that I have lived in both states and I know there are perimeters that have to be met in all states but I do believe that in North Carolina they may not investigate as many cases because of people’s opinions on what is classified as abuse and people may not report it. I think that is a shame but there is an attitude or there was when I was there that let that family handle their kids the way they see fit. I do not think that is always right especially if the parents are abusive. I think with that attitude there are a lot of kids that are being neglected and abused that need to be taken out of the homes of the abusers but the kids attitude is the same as some of the public perception there is and they will not report their abuse. It is sad but very true or was true when I lived there and I grew up there not even knowing there was people that could help kids at all. People were too worried about getting involved and being judged.

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