Evaluation and Assessment

Student will write a paper in their own words (not in APA style, correct spelling and grammar is still expected) with responses to the following prompts. There is no mandated number of pages for this paper, but responses should indicate that the student has an adequate understanding of the requested information. Paper should be double spaced and include a title page. The R.U.S.T. document, the ACA Code of Ethics (2014) document, and the Jensen and Edwards articles are located in the Helpful Resources module. I included the ACA Code of Ethics as well as the R.U.S.T document so you would have the guide to follow. PROMPTS: 1. From the R.U.S.T. document, the general statement in this document was prepared by whom? 2. What is the purpose and intent of the R.U.S.T. document? 3. Discuss the qualifications of test users, including technical knowledge, test selection and use, all phases of test administration, test scoring, interpreting results, and communicating test results. 4. From the ACA Code of Ethics (2014) document, Section E, compare this document to the R.U.S.T. document, indicating what is similar and what is different. Provide examples. 5. From the Jensen and Edwards articles, write a short comparison and contrast between these two articles. 6. Who can administer Level B tests? Describe their qualifications.

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