New Communication Class

  • Directions: On page 36 of your textbook, the authors introduce the “Funnel of Focus” as one way to help you narrow down your topic. The example in the book focuses on the broad topic of “Paying for a College Education” and then narrows that topic in by answering five questions. You will do the same but with a different topic. Please choose one of these topics and apply the Funnel of Focus: Economics, Mental Health, Alternative Medicine, Civil Liberties, or Travel.
  • Purpose of this assignment: This assignment is intended to help you think about developing story ideas that have a manageable and interesting focus.
  • How to submit: For this assignment, I will create a discussion post space for you to post your Funnel of Focus exercise. I encourage you all to interact with the posts by reading them and commenting. You might address: Did your colleague come up with an interesting and well-focused topic? Would you want to read those articles? Did you think of other story ideas as you were reading theirs?

*I bought the book on Amazom, and i will whatsapp you the login info* 

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