reflective journal

please follow the guideline below, read the article and video write a reflective journal in APA format. No quoted from the articles using APA formate including correct reference.

Parenthood & Parenting Challenges

Coltrane, S. (2011). Fathering: Paradoxes, contradictions, and dilemmas. In S.J. Ferguson (Ed.) Shifting the Center: Understanding Contemporary Families. New York, NY: McGrawHill.

Gerson, K. (2011). Falling back on plan B. In A.S. Skolnick, & Skolnick, J.H. (Eds). Family in Transition (p.102-116). Boston: Pearson.

1. journals should include your personal perspective on the topic, the way you feel about the topic, and the reactions you experienced from the topic. It can be a form of expression; however, it must be supported and connected to academic content with an APA in text citation.

2. all journal entries must be typed, including title pages and reference sheet. Please check for grammar, syntax, and APA formatting before submitting (F7)

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