Stakeholder Communications Management Plan, computer science homework help

  • Overview

    This assessment requires you to consider your previous work in understanding and documenting the needs of project stakeholders to develop a Stakeholder Communications Management Plan. The plan should demonstrate an understanding of communication models, needs analysis, management process, and communication tools and techniques. It should consider stakeholders engagement requirements and other information sharing enhancements that might be appropriate to the project.


    Create a Stakeholder Communications Management Plan that effectively defines how communications will be conducted and controlled to serve stakeholders associated with the impending launch of the Alfred 2.0 software upgrade. The plan should be suitable for presentation to management and meet the needs of your boss with regard to the project stakeholders identified in your earlier assessments. It should include and consider the work you completed in earlier assessments and contain the following elements:

    • Executive Summary (include a brief description of the communications model that you intend to use and why it appropriate for the plan.)
    • Stakeholder Registry (updated from earlier assessment).
    • Stakeholder Communications Requirements Document (updated from earlier assessment).
    • Communications Flow Chart (create with Visio or another appropriate graphics tool) that depicts the communication flows among the stakeholders.
    • Description of the escalation process for resolving any communication-based conflicts or issues.
    • Communication Control and Monitoring Process.
    • For each stakeholder:
      • Description of what information will be communicated with other stakeholders.
      • How the information will be communicated—in meetings, email, telephone, web portal, et cetera.
      • Communications activities schedule that covers from now until product launch.

    Submission Requirements

    • Font: Times New Roman, 12-point.
    • Length: 10–12 pages double-spaced.
    • References: Provide a minimum of 3 supporting references using current APA style.

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