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Assignment 1

What are you afraid of? My answer: not being successful.

Listen to the interview “What Bill Gates is afraid of“. Bill Gate was asked to answer the following two questions:

1) What is he worried about?

2) What does the nightmare scenario look like?

Bill Gates expressed his concerns about the future of our planet. Based on the topics and issues covered in this class, I would like you to answer the same two questions.

1) What are you worried about?

2) What does the nightmare scenario look like?

Support your statements with facts. Write a paragraph of about 200 words.


Assignment 2:

1.What were your overall thoughts on the film?

2. Choices and duality are major themes in Yojimbo, where do you see this in the film?

3. Yojimbo was influenced by American Westerns, but many films were influenced by Yojimbo.

What is it that works so well cross-culturally in the film (story line, character, setting, etc.) ?

Please share your thoughts. Give specific examples and read your classmates’ posts before posting to avoid repeats.

200 words max

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