follow the requierment do a small research on the problem of international food and religion

I have a example article ready there you can use that to write it, just make sure including the survey nubmer and if you want to find some other article is fine just make sure is like the article that i gave. thanks


Submitting your research objective

Prior to submitting this stage, it is in your best interest to determine if the topic you have in mind is researchable. Thus, you should conduct a preliminary literature search so as to save you time in the long run. Based on your research interest, hand in a typed account of the following:

  • State your null hypothesis.
  • State your research hypothesis.
  • Identify the variables (in particular, independent and dependent variables) that you will measure to complete the study.
  • List a potential group (sample or population) of participants for the study.
  • List at least 3 keywords or short phrases that could be used in searching for literature that relates to your topic.

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