Guidelines Requirements for mind-body connection health Report

The goal is to learn about and experience, at a deeper level, applicable information about a ‘Mind-Body Connection’ topic. This is an opportunity for you to study an area that will help you move forward in your life. Your research will consist of a minimum of five (5) references, with a minimum of two (2) made up of professional and/or scientific resources. You may use books and other materials for your presentation. Your presentation will last approximately 8-10 minutes.

Please feel free to add your own energy and ideas while also covering the following areas…

  1. Historical perspective.
  2. Types of (examples of humor, music, etc.).
  3. Different theories of the topic.
  4. Why it is a coping technique or strategy; or what is its physiological, psychological, spiritual benefits?
  5. Describe steps to initiate the modality. In other words how would you get started?
  6. What is your favorite application of this technique or strategy

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