united state to 1865, history homework help

Scenario: Students are interns working for a lawyer who needs help with opposition research for her client. Opposing lawyers will argue that Europeans were superior to everyone else prior to 1600 and thus naturally deserved to conquer North America. Students need to provide a counter-argument for their clients.

In 2 pages double-spaced use Chapters 1 and 2 of the Davidson textbook (no other sources are allowed) to help the lawyer put together a case. Provide 3-5 examples from each chapter and describe how they can support the argument that Europeans weren’t necessarily superior. Use at least 1 graph, image, map or document from Chapters 1 or 2.* Cite your examples in footnotes. Upload as a pdf, doc or docx file.

* No need to insert an image or physically insert the map or chart. Describing and citing them is all that is needed.

General Information on Tasks

  • Address each task individually to help the lawyer/teacher/director easily see each task.
  • submit one 1 document per task
  • Write in complete sentences and paragraphs.
  • Write in third person for a formal audience.
  • cite your source (US: A Narrative History) and use footnotes that include the page or Location number.
  • upload as a pdf, doc or docx file (pdf preferred)

Footnotes: Here is a template you can feel free to copy. Note I’m substituting Xs for page numbers so you would need to put the correct information in there. Obviously you will also be using different sources in your research so would need to plug in the pertinent information rather than cutting and pasting those:

1. James West Davidson et al, US A Narrative History Vol 1: to 1877, 7th Edition (New York: McGraw Hill, 2015), xxx.

2. Davidson, US, xx.

3. Theodore de Bry, Florida Indians Planting Maize (1591), in James West Davidson et al., U.S. A Narrative History, Vol 1 to 1877, 7th Edition (New York: McGraw Hill, 2015), 9.

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