You will be creating a SLR Output table, SLR Graph, and a Residual Plot.

A. SLR Output Table1 Open the Excel Assignment and enter your SDSU RED ID in cells F9:F17, one letter per cell, replacing undefinedDo this First!2 Put the cursor in Cell G5, Clickon fxundefinedundefinedundefinedPEARSONSundefinedundefinedundefined3 Put your cursor inundefinedClickon fxundefinedundefinedundefinedINTERCEPTundefinedundefinedundefined4 Put your cursor inundefinedClickon fxundefinedundefinedundefinedSLOPEundefinedundefinedundefinedThe SLR Output Table should now be complete.B. SLR Graph and Residual PlotThe SLR Output Table is on a protected sheet so copy & paste the table to a new, unprotected sheet.1 Copy the table – Cells: E3:L272 Click on the circled plus sign on the bottom of the sheet to open a undefined3 Paste the table onto the new, unprotected sheet. 4 If the Y-variable, Predicted, or Residual variables have decimals, decreaseundefined

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