discussion board (at least 250 words)

I’m sure The Birth of a Nation will trigger some strong reactions. I encourage you to address any aspect of the film—such as the formal elements utilized to foster “identification” and/or its stereotypes—and/or its unique distribution and social effect through Nichols or Diawara.

As with any chapter in The Film Experience, you’re welcome to respond to any of the “Viewing Cues” on the margins of many pages, and/or the “Concepts at Work” toward the end of each chapter.

Discuss examples of the how (e.g. wide release vs. limited release) and when (e.g. early summer vs. Thanksgiving) certain films have been released. In what ways were these films marketed (e.g. on products, through social media, critical acclaim, etc.)? Around a genre? A preexisting property? A star? What demographic/s did it seem to target? Did the MPAA rating contribute to any of these factors? How?

Watch movie :The Birth of a Nation (D.W. Griffith, 1915), Gus Chase Sequence (09:14)

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