Essay on Fake News based on article provided

In a fully developed short
essay (minimum of eight paragraphs in length), please answer all of the
questions below. Your work should include an introduction, a body of supporting
evidence, and a conclusion. Please take some time to edit your work for punctuation,
usage, and clarity prior to submission.

Questions for Analysis:

1) Of the three formal approaches outlined earlier in this
learning module, which do you think is most effective for communicating in
contemporary rhetorical situations? Be specific in supporting your answer.

2) What is Boczkowski saying about the influences of fake news on
our current informational climate? What are the three effects that he sees as
most damaging to our society, and is he optimistic or pessimistic about the
near future of journalism?

3) As a consumer of
information now taking college courses, how do you make sure that the sources you
use to formulate your worldview and support your arguments are credible?

4) Finally, what do you feel are the consequences of fake news on
American society? How have digital communication tools contributed to this

Where applicable, feel free
to use hyperlinks to connect your essay to a resource or two in support of your

A link to the article has
been provided.

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