Practicum journal (Social work)

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Practicum journal (Social work)

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5/29/2020 12:11:26 AM

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05/29/2020 23:59


Public Administration

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Please complete 1 pg weekly journal paper- (This is part of field instruction for use in teaching and assessing practicum experiences and learning. Additionally, the journal provides an opportunity for the student to process and reflect on their use of self and learning over the next few weeks of their practicum experience. Through the journal, the faculty field liaison is also kept current about the student’s internship experience and activities (practice behaviors) in order to monitor progress and consistency of learning experiences in mastering the competencies.) Please, respond to the following questions with four-plus, well-written sentences each. 1. What activities did you work on this week? Discuss in detail what you worked on. (please see info listed below) 2. What was one strength you displayed in your practice this week? (Please create any) 3. What was one weakness you displayed in your practice?(please create any) 4. What is one important lesson you learned this week? (please create any) Please include the following information about activities completed this week: This week I began my practicum experience by contacting several local agencies in efforts to secure service-learning activities to count toward the required hours. I also participated in a WebEx information meeting for the Florida Department of Public Health, contact tracing service-learning opportunity. During the meeting, I learned that the Florida dept of health was currently seeking student volunteers to serve as contact tracers. I also learned that contact tracing is a key strategy for preventing further spread of COVID-19. I composed sent an email expressing my interest in the volunteer opportunity. I also completed and submitted the service-learning application for Florida dept of health opportunity. This week I also completed the licensure practice exam and research for the mandatory research papers

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