Correct the errors

I need you to correct the errors in the essay below. Please don’t change the grammar/word phrases cause I used what I have learned to write it. Only adding/subtracting words.

我的爱好是旅行。我喜欢旅游中国。我想探索中国的美食和自然。我觉得中国菜很好吃。我在我家对面的一家饭馆儿吃了中国牛肉面,非常喜欢。面条辣得要命。我吃辣很好, 但是我从来没想过它是这么辣。我吃了一大碗牛肉面。结果,那天晚上我肚子疼。后来我去医院。我的医生说那是因为我吃太辣了。我听说中国有很多不同类型的面条。我希望我可以在中国呆一个月,吃各种面条。中国的自然也很美丽。 我特别想去凤凰古城。我看过很多关于这个地方的视频。我第一的印象是这只是一个小城,但是风景又浪漫又怀旧 。那里的房子很古老,就像我在电影中看到的一样。我想如果我可以在黄昏河边散步,那一定是非常舒适与和平的。我本来以为去年夏天可以去那儿,但是最后不可去。 我希望明年一切都会好起来,让我可以实现我的旅行。

This is what I want to say in the essay:

My hobby is traveling. I like to travel to China. I want to explore Chinese food and nature. I think Chinese food is delicious. I ate Chinese beef noodles at a restaurant across from my house and liked it very much. The noodles are terribly spicy. I eat spicy food very well, but I never thought it was so spicy. I had a big bowl of beef noodles. As a result, my stomach hurts that night. Then I went to the hospital. My doctor said it was because I ate too spicy. I heard that there are many different types of noodles in China. I hope that I can stay in China for a month and eat all kinds of noodles. China’s nature is also very beautiful. I especially want to go to the ancient city of Phoenix. I have watched many videos about this place. My first impression is that this is just a small town, but the scenery is romantic and nostalgic. The houses there are very ancient, just like what I saw in the movie. I think if I can walk by the river at sunset, it must be very comfortable and peaceful. I thought I could go there last summer, but in the end, I couldn’t go there. I hope that next year everything will be better so that I can complete my trip.

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