Design A Park

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Design A Park

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11/30/2020 1:02:16 PM

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The paper will be an average of 6-8 pages long (or as long as it takes to thoroughly address the assignment) and must be submitted via D2L in the drop box titled “MyPark”. Creativity and attention to detail in panning your theme park are vital to successful completion of this paper. Part 1: For this part, you will develop a concept for a theme park in the country you selected in paper 1. Provide an overview of your theme park and a brief description of 4 to 5 themed lands. Your paper should draw on the information you found when researching the country and your lands must reflect heavily on the theming you select from the park. Your park’s concept must be affiliated with Disney. (30 points) Part 2: Select one land (e.g., Tomorrowland or make up one of your own that fits the park’s themes) and consider the following: theming, rides and attractions, shops, employees, merchandising, and dining options. In your paper: Provide a detailed description or overview of the land you will have selected (10 points) Discuss the theming in the land and how it is appropriate for the location (20 points). Your answer should include the physical environment, the costumes, the music, and of course, the shops, attractions, and rides. Discuss 3 rides in the land: One ride that you could transplant from any Disney theme park (explain why this fits your imagined land) (10 points) One ride that you would revise from any Disney theme park (describe how you change this ride to be consistent with the culture in your park) (15 points) One ride that is new to your park (20 points) For each of the rides, be very descriptive! Describe the ride in full detail (queue, type of ride, theming of ride, and how guests will experience the ride (i.e., describe the ride—what they will see, hear, feel, etc.) At least one shop that is new to the land and reflects the local culture (Disney style!). Explain how some of the merchandise is designed to be culturally relevant. (15 points) At least one dining option (restaurant, snack bar) that is new to the land and reflects the local culture (Disney style!) (15 points). Explain what type of food you will include and how it is culturally relevant. Develop one non-ride attraction (e.g., walkthrough, show, etc.). The Enchanted Tiki Room, Art Gallery, and Mr. Lincoln are examples of non-ride attractions. The attraction must be appropriate for your park/theme and not found in other Disney Parks. (15 points)

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