Discussion “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” and correction

#1 Correction essay

paragraph 1
words and fell in love with them. (you need plural them to refer to words)
my love for the written word
taught to read. All I remember (note do not join two complete sentences with only a comma in English–that is a comma splice–

para 2
He forbade me from speaking (this is a very hard verb even for English–usually Americans do not use it but many English (UK) do.

para 3
on various aspects of the movie.
I picked up on English . .(to pick up on something is a bit of slang, lower diction, but acceptable in most places)

para 4
children’s story book
in first grade, and I was
read children’s books, and novels became (NOTE in English when AND connects two sentences always put a comma in front of and

#2 Discussion “A Good Man Is Hard to Find”

After reading the story answer one or more of the following questions. Then respond to a minimum of one other student post:

Who is the villain in the story?

Who is the one religious person in the story?

Did the Misfit kill his father?

When does the Misfit make up his mind to kill the family?

Why does he call himself the Misfit?

What does the Misfit mean when he says “She would of been a good woman if it had been someone there to shoot her every minute of her life?”

From what point of view is it that the Misfit can be seen as the most important person the Grandmother has ever met and the one that offers her something that she has just about missed out on?

What is a “head doctor at the penitentiary”?

Although the Misfit himself does not know, what can we determine the prison psychiatrist meant when he talked to the Misfit about “killing his father”?

Which “father” was the Psychiatrist referring to?

respond student answer

After reading, re reading and listening to the audio of this story like most after the first time I was convinced that the misfit was the bad person. But after re reading and listening to it aloud that is not my perception at all. Yes he was an escaped convict and yes he had the family killed and killed the grandmother. Even though it was wrong he did it to keep from be caught and sent back to jail. Because he only decided to kill them after the grandmother said she knew who he was. The grandmother on the other hand was the true villain she was judgmental, selfish and dishonest. She never pleaded for her families lives she only cried out for hers. The Misfit gave himself that name because he didn’t believe his punishment fit his crime and he couldn’t make sense of it. He said the flu killed his daddy not him. And I believe he was truly the religious one as he once was a gospel singer and struggled with religious questions of how Jesus raised the dead and how he felt he could relate to Jesus’s persecution and punishment. At the end it took me a little bit to understand what the Misfit meant when he said “she could of been a good woman if it had been someone there to shoot her every minute of her life” I think he saw her as a cold and heartless woman and the only time she showed any true emotion and compassion was when she herself was facing the same fate as her family before her. So he meant the only way she would of been a good and compassionate person would be to hold at gun point everyday of her life.

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