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Disney Park

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The final component for your theme park to be complete is to make sure it follows and respects the form of Catholic beliefs of human dignity and the common good and the provisions of the World Tourism Organization’s Global Code of Ethics. In this short (approximately 3-4 page typed paper), you must reflect upon what elements (especially those concerning respecting culture, respect for workers and consumers, and promoting sustainable practices) that will influence the development, operation and evolution of your Disney Park in Houston, Texas. Your paper should pay special attention to the environmental and social & cultural impacts of your park. In your paper, think of suggestions that Disney might be able to add to their corporate social responsibility statements. The main areas your paper should address are: Discussion of the social, cultural, political and environmental impacts affecting your theme park and the location that you have selected (2-3) Human Dignity—(2-3 of the following)—Develop strategies to ensure respect for and protection of: Preservation of local Cultures Fair and Respectful Treatment to Workers Tendency to Reduce Consumers to “objects” Other relevant Human Dignity topics Common Good- (must have) Sustainability—2-3 practical strategies to preserve environment or to develop sustainable practices Other relevant topics related to the Common Good Include a reference page for any additional sources that you use and be sure to cite within your paper. Be sure that your responses are well developed, thorough and provide examples when needed.

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