ERP Software Analysis: Focus on SCM

this activity you will examine the functions of an ERP system’s supply chain processes through commercial software analysis. Based on the supply chain requirements for the company that you chose in Unit 1, perform a search for industry-specific and/or general ERP systems that include a supply chain management component. An example of an industry-specific ERP system would be Crunchtime! ERP for the restaurant industry. In contrast, a general ERP system would contain no features that are relevant to just one industry such as spoilage or menu management. Once you have analyzed a few typical ERP/supply chain systems, narrow your selections to two vendors that you will keep on your short list of possibilities and focus your report on these solutions. Explain your reasoning for discarding the software that you decided not to use. Be explicit and make sure the reasons given are in terms of your specific company.

In your evaluation, answer the following questions:

  • What benefits do each of the systems bring to your company?
  • How would they help your company manage inventory?
  • How would they help your company manage its information supply chain?
  • How would they help your company manage supplier processes?
  • How would this system tighten the links between the supply chain and marketing?

When discussing inventory management practices, consider just-in-time, make to order, make to stock, and so on. To explain supplier processes, consider profile management, performance and product costs and, if applicable, partnerships and networks.

Microsoft Word document containing 600–800 words. All written assignments should follow APA rules for attributing sources.

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