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Assignment III – Create a Timeline

Prepare a timeline using photo images, historical dates, and other important information on a selected subject in sports. Images can be acquired from any paper source – including images you find on the Internet, print out and use in your timeline. Be sure to include important social and historical context for the subject and period of time you select. Conduct research on timelines and review the different formats and compositions others have used. There is much you can construct to create editorial content and imagery, discuss with the instructor and other students to get early feedback.All text and visual elements must be suitable for a general audience.

You will complete one timeline using your collected assets. The timeline should be one page in length, try tabloid size if you need a little more linear space. The subject matter of your timeline is up to you, but it must exhibit some coherent theme and editorial content. Your timeline must be ‘intentional’, that is, you must start out with some design goal and editorial content in mind. Yes, happy coincidence and serendipity happens along the way, but good timeline design starts out with an intentional goal in mind. You should sketch some ideas and play with composition. Keep ‘versions’ of your work to exhibit progress in your creation. The first one you start will not be the one you finish and submit as a final piece. Submit as a PDF or JPEG, though some students have used Excel to create timelines.

Most timelines will require scanning. You can find a scanner in computer labs at the university, in civic libraries, or outlets like Kinkos. You will have to experiment to get a proper scan. Check your scan before submitting for orientation, clarity and margins.

Complete the PowerPoint/Articulate presentation to get an overview of timelines.

Grading Rubric



Identify and apply theme to timeline


Researches and uses appropriate photo’s, graphics, images, etc.


Creates finished, high quality timeline, scans and exhibits


Timeline demonstrates originality and is suitable exhibit in basecamp


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