The Relationship between Organized Crime and Youth Gangs

Task: Submit to complete this assignment

In Centervale, the arrest rate for young individuals
(seventeen to twenty-two years) has increased by more than 50 percent
during the past year. The arrests have been mostly for the sale and
possession of drugs. Some citizens are concerned that gang activity is
on the rise in the town. Rumors have spread that the increase in drug
activity is a direct result of organized crime. As the chief of police,
you must compile a report for the mayor of Centervale to address the
current problem of drugs.

To provide the mayor with some perspective, you need to
research crime statistics on drug-related crimes, especially among the
youth, using the
Internet (government or other reputable websites).


Prepare a 6–8-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following:

  • Describe how the operating structure of organized crime may include the use of youth gangs.
  • Describe the methods used by organized crime groups to profit from the inclusion of youth gang members.
  • List any differences in criminal activity among the organized crime groups you have researched.
  • Create at least one chart or graph that supports your opinion with
    some facts and figures you found from your research on drug-related
    crimes, especially among the youth. (Do not just copy a chart or a graph
    that you find). Be sure to provide some explanation of the data you are
  • Use the Notes section to provide a deeper exploration of each topic.
    Remember, this is your presentation that you will make to the mayor.
  • Include a cover slide and at least one slide at the end of your
    presentation to provide APA-formatted references for the sources used,
    linking back to your in-text citations and supporting your
    recommendations. You cannot have only in-text citations or only
    references; you must have both.

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