The Tempest

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The Tempest

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Shakespeare Studies

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this is a formal academic essay rather than a discussion post – so you should adjust your style of writing accordingly, and be sure to give properly referenced quotations from the texts to support your argument. One of the things we are asking you to do here is demonstrate an ability to shift between the relatively informal tone of a discussion post, and a more formal essay. Write up to 1500 words responding to the below discussion post… Prospero was a complicated character. After I read though the play and watched the 2010 version directed by Julie Taymor, it raised new questions of the benign or malign nature for Prospero’s character and morals. Mowatt Argues that power was a defining factor of Prospero and his fall back plan to get everything in order as opposed to his own strength. Orgel Points out that Prospero had some phycological issues dealing with the ordeal of having to raise his daughter away from the courts and the fact that his wife was never really in the picture forced him into a motherly roll. To attack this topic these points had to be brought up to see where the end results would lead on his outcome of being benign or malign. Motherly love is not something that is easily replaced and to demand someone to play both rolls in life shows someone’s true character and their approach to raising the character in question. In this case Prospero filled the roll of both the father and mother. How he went about it in regard to his daughter is the real defining of good or bad. In Act 1 Scene 2 he is already planning on trying to get his daughter to wed the prince. He also puts her to sleep forcefully which shows that he has something to hide. Then the orchestration of the whole marriage was questionable. It was hard to tell if he wanted what was best for his daughter or what was best for his own status and safety. The redeeming factor here is that he wanted to have his daughter married before any carnal relations could be had with the prince. This would allude the he really did care for his child and the way he stated that she helped him stay cheerful when they were banished. These actions point towards him being more benign ethically. Power was used by Prospero to accomplish his deeds or misdeeds and the result was the final piece of his alignment. He used it to enslave the spirits around the island but dealt with them justly by their own actions. He freed Ariel fulfilling his promise. He only made the life of Caliban horrid after he tried to get his daughter and overthrow him. At the end he even gets rid of his power and decides to go back to mortal means. This all points towards him being more benign as his end goals helped a lot of people along the way.

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