Topic Proposal

Writing Assignment 2: Topic Proposal (DUE October 10, 2018)

Topic: Negative impact of the media in disability

Topic Proposal Guidelines

A draft introduction (2-4 paragraphs)for your paper that includes some context on your topic and your planned thesis statement/argument about your topic. A topic is general; a thesis statement is a specific argumentabout a topic.

Provide at least 3academically-appropriate research sources(not from the textbook), and briefly discuss how each of these will contribute to your paper, for example, how they will support your argument. These must be taken from academic websites from the Palm Beach State Library online website or the FAU library databases (access from their campus).

An explanation of a counterargument(1-2 paragraphs) that will be a part of your paper. This should be an explanation of how one might argue against your thesis, and your rebuttal of that counterargument.


  • Be sure to use in-text citations for ALL quotes and examples from the text. In addition, you MUST have a Works Cited page at the end of your writing assignment.
  • ALL assignments must be submitted in proper MLA format. For help with MLA style guidelines, read Chapter 22 in EAA and visit the Purdue OWL website and search for MLA:
  • College-level papers should always be written in third person, using a formal tone, unless the assignment/professor specifies otherwise.


I am more interested in the quality of your writing than quantity. You may determine the length of your paper, but be sure to address ALL parts of the assignment and support your ideas thoroughly.

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