what is protected expression

This is your first written assignment. There are many reasons why this is required:
1. You are expected to be able to write using proper spelling and grammar. If you struggle with this skill, please find someone to proofread your work and start booking appointments at the Writing Center on campus. I apply the grading standards equally regardless of one’s skill level.
2. This assignment forces you to read the text with a specific type of understanding in mind; you are critically thinking to find the correct legal concept and analyze the article in light of that legal concept. This is preparing you to be successful in the major assignment, the Contract.
3. You must find and follow the instructions in order to successfully complete this assignment. Regardless of your career path, your other instructors or employers will expect you to be able to work independently yet know when to ask questions. I love to help with questions that may arise from an individual situation. I appreciate questions like “I don’t understand what you are looking for when you say x,y and z?” I don’t appreciate questions that ask me “where are the directions to the Article assignment?”

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