business case for digital marketing plan of technology

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business case for digital marketing plan of technology

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TERM PROJECT Teams of up to four students will develop a “Business Case” for a digital marketing strategy of a technology-based present company. The report should follow the outline presented below. SECTION 1 ENVIRONMENTAL ANALISIS Section objective: To identify and to analyse critical variables of the internal and external environment of the organization. Item one is a composite of overall financial and market performance indicators. Item three is a selection of 3 to 5 factors drawn from item three. Finally segmentation, targeting and positioning is necessary to lay the foundation of audience insights of item five in section two. 1. Introduction: Selected Market Highlights 2. PEST/SWOT Analysis 3. Critical Factor Assessment 4. Consumer STP SECTION 2 STRATEGIC VALUE MODEL Section objective: To showcase and to analyze the connection between overall strategy, digital marketing strategy, and performance indicators. Most items in the section come from your case analysis. Item four requires elaboration on the ideas laid out on item three (Vendor selection, calendar and budget considerations). Item five is a consideration of an analytics suite, where elements to monitor in an eventual dashboard are identified. 1. Business Model 2. Current Situation (COVID 19 Impact) 3. Digital Market Opportunity 4. Digital Strategy Deployment 5. Performance evaluation and KPI SECTION 3 CONCLUSIONS Section objective: Item one is a critical review of literature to see about legal, ethical, and environmental situations affecting the company. Item two considers item three in section one and item two in section two to develop a scenario of the company’s market performance in the next five years. 1. Hurdles and challenges (Legal, ethical) 2. Long term view above is the description of the team project. we choose the company Telus. my part in this team paper is to write the PESTLE ANALYSIS, Critical factor assessment from section 1 and hurdles and challenges (legalðical) from section 3. 1. in one page please write the PESTLE analysis of Telus corporation in the Canadian market. ( more focus on the sectors from which most of the revenue is generated, namely wireless) 2. in one page, please write the critical factors assessment of Telus. i need five critical factors with deep analysis (need not to be success factors, they can be any critical factors that are highly relevant for the company. 3. in one page please write about the hurdles and challenges( legal, ethical) for the company( present and future). this section can include point form and also short paragraphs. please use in-text citations.

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