discussion 8m

In Chapter 8, the authors discussed the different types of analytics goals a website could select. This exercise will help you learn to think critically about the types of goals you should set up for a website and give you a little more knowledge about the technical details involved in setting up these goals. If you would like more information about analytics goals, Google provides an overview here.

To receive credit for this exercise, REPLY to THIS message and answer the following questions.

  1. What kind of websites might use a duration goal? What kind of website might use pages/screens per session goals? Explain and provide at least two examples of each.
  2. When would you use an event goal instead of a destination goal? Illustrate your answer with at least two examples.
  3. Select your favorite online retailer. What type of goal would this retailer use to document a purchase in analytics? Starting on the site’s home page, create a conversion funnel to illustrate a specific purchase you (or someone like you) might make on this site. Which customers would not be counted in this conversion model?

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