food justice teach in report

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food justice teach in report

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What matters to you the most about food justice? my topic is: Farm and slaughter work abuses Good, now teach us about it. Write-up a report that explains what the issue is, why it matters, and what we need to do about it. Draw on academic sources to back up your argument. Make us want to get involved! Frame it as if you need to recruit members to this struggle. What is a Teach-in? A teach-in educates participants on a particular theme or topic, which has current – even urgent – relevance in society. Teach-in’s integrate theories (understandings) of a given social problem, stories that relay examples of that problem or issue, and they attempt to generate creative solutions and stimulate social action for change. Teach-in’s also raise consciousness about an important social issue and engage in consensus building through sharing knowledge, information, and resources and motivating people to get involved and act for social justice. Students just like you have historically been key organizers of “teach-in’s.” During the anti-Vietnam war movement, the free speech movement, the civil rights movements of the 1960s and 1970s, and the women’s movement, students at universities across the world hosted teach-in’s on their campuses and communities in order to educate, generate dialogue, and motivate collective action on the issue at hand. At this current moment in history, students across the U.S. are conducting teach-in’s online through Zoom on the underfunding of public education, on the crisis of climate change, police brutality, and the pandemic. Please see this website for more information about conducting teach-ins: (Links to an external site.) Activism very generally means when people “act” in organized groups to bring about social, political, cultural, and/or economic changes. Important components of activism are identifying and explaining a social problem/issue, engaging in collective action (organized groups of people who come together in numbers to exert pressure for social change), and strategically planning the best plan of action, which will bring about social justice. Activists have a clear vision of what counts as social justice, including the strategies for realizing social justice. Directions for your teach-in report. The objective of this assignment is two-fold: (1) Conduct research and prepare a “teach-in” report on a food justice issue and (2) use your report writing to teach us about the food justice issue, raise our consciousness, and encourage us to get involved. You need to decide what food justice issue you want to research and write about so pick something important to you. There are many issues of food justice, and you need to both teach us about the issue and encourage us to get involved. We’ve covered a lot of food justice issues in class but here are only a few examples: seed patents, GMO, hunger and the pandemic, local food, urban food spaces, land displacement, gentrification and marginalization from food, food deserts, farm and slaughter work abuses, etc. Once you have chosen your topic, (my topic is Farm and slaughter work abuses) you need to conduct library and Internet research so that you are well informed about both the food justice issue and existing activism around the social issue. Remember there is a lot in our course materials as well. From this research, you will write-up a “teach-in” report. The report can be broken down into the following sections: 1. What is your chosen food justice issue; what important history does it have? 2. What precisely is the social problem/struggle here? What examples illustrate your points? 3. What do you want us to learn about this food justice issue; what are its important themes? 4. What would positive social change look like for this food justice issue? How do we get there? 5. What are the next steps you’d like us to make if we are going to realize this change? DO NOT PLAGIARIZE FROM THE INTERNET OR OTHER SOURCES! When you conduct research and secure information from the Internet and from books, journal articles, and other resources, you must put the information in your own words and cite your sources correctly. You plagiarize any time you copy phrases, sentences, paragraphs word for word and without retribution. GRADING RUBRIC: The following criteria will be used to grade this paper: A good faith attempt to teach us about a food justice issue. A clearly organized and correct presentation of ideas, facts, issues, and other relevant information that advances our understanding of food justice. Use of course concepts to demonstrate understanding and analysis of food justice. Correct spelling, sentence structure, punctuation, and word usage/edited document. Citations and bibliography/no plagiarism.

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