Microsoft Project Assignment


Complete the following in Microsoft Project 2013/2016:

  • Begin with this MS project fileView in a new window, and make the following changes:
  • Change your project start date to be the first day of this semester. (2 points). Note: You may get an error here or it may look like the dates do not change but when you do the next step, the dates will all change to be 2017 dates.
  • Change the deadline on the Office Complete milestone to the last day of the semester (2 points)
  • Add durations to all the low level (work) tasks (10 points)
  • Schedule these tasks logically using a variety of dependencies (Be sure to have at least one of each type: SS, FF, FS, SF) (10 points)
  • Set at least one task to have lead time (4 points)
  • Set at least one task to have lag time (4 points)
  • Display the critical path on the standard Gantt Chart (4 points)
  • Create a new calendar based on the standard calendar and call it UNA Calendar (4 points)
  • Add the UNA holidays for the current semester to the UNA Calendar (4 points)
  • Set your project to use the UNA calendar rather than the standard calendar. (4 points)
  • Be sure that the project completes before the constrained milestone task: “Office Building Complete” (You may need to change your schedule and/or dependencies to make this happen) (2 points)

Fall 2017 Semester Calendar

March 10 Deadline for Graduate and Undergraduate Admissions Credentials for Preregistration
April 3- August 3 Fall Preregistration
April 15 Deadline for UNA Early College Admissions Credentials
July 28 Deadline for Graduate and Undergraduate Admissions Credentials for Regular Registration
August 3 Payment Deadline – Tuition and Fees Due for Preregistered Courses
August 7 Preregistration schedules subject to cancellation for failure to pay any outstanding balance
August 10 Registration and Drop/Add Opens
August 17 Residence Hall Check-In Upperclassmen (1-4pm)
August 18-19 Residence Hall Check-In Freshmen (9-11:30am & 1-4pm)
August 21 New Student Advising and Registration – GUC 8:30 a.m.
August 23 Classes Begin – Late Registration and Drop/Add Begins
August 23-30 Late Registration and Drop/Add
August 30 Payment Deadline – Payment of tuition, fees, room & board (if applicable) due
August 30 Last Day for 100% refund of tuition and fees for dropped courses
August 30 Late Registration and Drop/Add Ends
August 31 A $50 late fee will apply to accounts with outstanding balances
August 31 Begin ‘W’ period
September 4 University Closed – Holiday
September 6 Final Payment Deadline – Outstanding account balance due
September 7 Registration schedules subject to cancellation for failure to pay outstanding balance in full. Students who are reinstated will be required to pay the balance due on their account plus a $75 reinstatement fee.
September 7-14 Reinstatement period for canceled schedules
October 12 Midterm
October 13-15 University Closed – Fall Break
October 19 Faculty: Deadline to submit Midterm Grades
October 20 Last Day of ‘W’ Withdrawal Period
October 21 Begin ‘WP/WF’ Withdrawal Period
November 22 Last Day of ‘WP/WF’ Period; Last day to withdraw from any or all classes
November 22-26 University Closed – Thanksgiving Holidays
December 7 Study Day
December 8-13 Semester Exams
December 16 Commencement
December 21-January 3, 2018 University Closed – Christmas Holidays

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