Operational Leadership and Operational Decesion Making

Prepare a 1000 words paper addressing the two parts with 500 words each part. Part 1. Operational leadership within a criminal justice agency is driven by the administrator responsible for the agency. Identify a specific segment of criminal justice (e.g., Law enforcement, Courts, Corrections). Compare and contrast two different leadership theories/styles, then select the theory/style that works best with your selected agency. Justify your selection by explaining why the characteristics of the selected leadership theory/style are most appropriate for that agency.Part 2. Operational decision making in criminal justice agencies is influenced by several different factors. These factors include internal and external politics, as well as the culture of the organization. Criminal justice agency administrators must consider each of these factors when making operational decisions. Identify a specific segment of criminal justice (e.g., Law enforcement, Courts, Corrections) and describe the organizational culture of that agency. Evaluate how both internal and external politics, in combination with the organizational culture, impact operational decisions made by agency administrators. Provide specific examples to demonstrate the types of impacts that the selected agency must consider when making operational decisions.

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