The Mirror on America: Photographers and the Great Depression

For this assignment,  you will write a 2 to 3 doubled-spaced page essay using 12-point Times New Roman and standard 1-inch margins.  You are welcome to go over 3 pages as needed.  You can cite context from your textbook, but the pieces of art will serve as your primary sources and the evidence for your argument. Your essay should be uploaded to Canvas by the due date. 


The photographers of the Historical Section of the Farm Security Administration were charged by the President to reintroduce America to fellow Americans.  As you look through these pictures, how did the photographers accomplish this goal while justifying the need for sweeping programs that became the New Deal under Roosevelt? What do these images tell you about America during the Depression and how does the New Deal provide the answer to the country’s terrible economic and social upheaval?


When citing the photographs, refer to slide number rather than the entire caption of the picture.  Use (Post-Wolcott, 28) to cite Slide 28 and the photographer is Marion Post-Wolcott.  You can also use your textbook to provide context and cite it like this (Foner, 123) for page 123 of Give Me Liberty.  No works cited page is needed.  No outside sources should be used. 

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