Answer all the questions correctly

Hello there, I want you to answer all these questions correctly.

(1) Define communication

(2) Define Mass Media

(3) Know how Mass Media communicates their messages through a model (I put one model on the board for you)

(4) What is media convergence

(5) What are the theoretical building blocks of mass media (hint: know what, textual analyses, social learning theory, content coding, agenda setting and public opinion research is).

(6) What is passive versus active media?

(7) What is Maslow’s Hierarchy and how does it apply to media?

(8) Why do we research audience demographics in media?

(9) Why was Su Dongpo important in media history?

(10) How is message defined in media?

(11) Why is the power of a story important in media?

(12) Why is the Iroquois Confederacy history important in media?

(13) What is a Scribe? Why did they have great power?

(14) How has the artist played an important role in the creation and communication of media culture? (hint: think Gutenburg/bible, mapmakers, etc.)

(15) Who were media stars of the 14th century Renaissance? Why? (hint: Michelangelo …you can’t use him)

(16) How did the Protestant Reformation affect media?

(17) How did printing and politics in the early part of media history?

(18) How were advertisers important to early publishing history?

(19) Define Yellow Journalism

(20) How did the Penny Press affect mass media?

(21) How is Photojournalism important to mass media?

(22) Define secular music

(23) What was the first commercial radio station?

(24) How does music like, “this land is your land” affect media?

(25) Who first used music to affect people?

(26) Who is G. Marconi (radio history)?

(27) What is camera obscura?

(28) Who are Robert Boyl and Robert Hooke?

(29) What is the FCC? Explain Muckracking. What is the FCC?

(30) Who is Lee Deforest?

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