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Codes of conduct are a good starting point when it comes to implementing an ethical culture in the workplace. For some, codes of conducts are rules set in place with some made to be broken depending on what you can or can’t get away with. For instance, in the book, authors Ferrell, Fraedrich, and Ferrell note, “Codes of conduct will not resolve every ethical issue encountered in daily operations, but they help employees and managers deal with ethical dilemmas by prescribing or limiting specific activities” (226). Codes of conducts need to be reinforced and taken seriously in order for them to actually make things work within the workplace. Simply by telling someone a set of rules does not mean that they are likely to follow them. In a journal article, written by Roy W. Perrett and John Patterson, note that virtue ethics is, “A mere set of rules cannot capture the complexity of ethical life, and hence moral education cannot proceed by providing a set of rules.” These codes, in particular, need to be set but also acted upon in the workplace in order for them to actually make an impact.

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