Give examples of body modification and body supplement

Answer questions in an essay format in your won words .

  • (1)Give examples of body modification and body supplement
  • (2) Explain how multiple things contribute to our understanding of dress and an individual
  • (3)Why is scientific terminology needed for identifying and thinking about dress and dress
  • (4)What is a classification system of terminology and how does it apply to dress?
  • (5)Define material and nonmaterial culture. Give examples of each
  • (6)Summarize the characteristics of tribal, imperial and commercial sociocultural systems
  • (7)What are artifacts as it relates to dress?
  • (8)How does bias come into play with dress?
  • (9)Define and give examples of ethnic dress, world dress and world fashion
  • (10)Why is there a social context associated with dress?


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