Health Communication Social Support, Family Caregiving, and End of Life Paper

Hi I need a paper done for my Health Communication class. The paper is on Social Support, Family Caregiving, and End of Life. It needs to be 3 pages double spaced, I will put the requirements below. You need to read the book pages from the textbook that I will attach and from that apply the concept discussed in that chapter which is Social Support, Family Caregiving, and End of Life to “real life” in order to better understand that specific concept and understand how it can be displayed or observed in our day-to-day lives. You may apply the concept to your life, a TV show/movie, online article (credible). APA Citations! The biggest thing to remember is to include support, explain why and how they connect, and provide examples to support your claim. Your connection must be original. I will also post the guidelines of what to include in each paragraph of the paper. The book pages will be attached. Please do not Plagiarize!!! APA Citations! If you have any questions typing the paper please let me know.

Paper Outline: Paragraph 1- Introduction. Introduce your paper with an attention grabber, thesis statement, and overview of the paper. Here, you should have a preview describing what will be discussed in the paper.

Paragraph 2- Discuss the concept from the textbook. Here, describe what it is, provide an example, and tell how it fits within health communication (ex: If it is a specific theory from a chapter, discuss what the chapter is about and how the theory fits into that broader context).

Paragraph 3- Explain what you are connecting. If you are discussing your experience, be detailed; tell about the scene, who is involved, what’s going on, etc. This part may be broken up into more than one paragraph if it needs to be.

Paragraph 4- Connection! In this paragraph (or 2, if you need) you should connect paragraph’s 2 & 3. Explain how the concept from the text connects to your life or the show/movie/article you chose to connect it to. This is the most important part of the paper, you NEED to use detail, examples, etc. to support your claim.

Paragraph 5- Conclusion. Conclude the paper with a summary of what you discussed and a memorable close.

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