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  • Prompt: What did you learn as you reviewed the website and the various links?
    What would you still like to learn? Identify a useful resource and share how you
    can use it during your educational journey.
  • Requirements: 250-300 words for the initial post,

These are examples of other people post

The first thing I noticed when I visited the website was the numerous amounts of links to different things within office , APA and MLA assistance, help with writing and my personal favorite the FaithWalk resources. As I went through the site these were the standouts that caught my attention and had me intrigued about.

Seeing that majority of my past papers and writing assignments had to be done in MLA format I was interested more in the APA assistance links. The first thing that I noticed was the APA official website link and an introduction to writing in APA format which provided valuable info to getting a feel for the style of writing. After clicking on multiple links and watching videos regarding citing sources, making references to books, ebooks, articles and even websites I knew a lot more after I was done then in the beginning.

I had a good feel for majority of the Office applications seeing as I work with them everyday so the information was more so a refresher for my brain. The variety of things that they provide regarding the basic and somewhat difficult functions of Excel, PowerPoint and Word are very vital though in operating these applications.

One thing I would still like to learn even after reviewing all the links provided on the website is probably how to create a cover page in APA format. I might have overlooked it going through the various amount of links but I don’t remember seeing that one on the website.

The most useful resource to me will probably be Grammarly. The ability to use a website that is a grammar tutor , and can pick up on edits or errors that I may have missed while I typed my paper. I do understand that the functions of Grammarly are just suggestions within my paper and they don’t necessarily have to be applied but having that option allows me to think differently when typing.

Example two

When I reviewed the academic help page on Blazenet. I noticed some things I had learned a while ago but needed to refresh my memory on. The site touched on different topics such as the American Psychological Association (APA) format, MLA, Building Blocks of Writing, and Basic Essay Structure.

I had written papers before using the APA format, so getting back in the flow of things shouldn’t be that difficult. But what I do find to be a challenge sometimes is grammar. I know, I know something I should have learned in grade school. So when I saw the link to Grammarly I jumped for joy! The one thing I did retain from my adolescent school days was writing outlines for essays in English Comp 1 & 2.

I would like to still like to learn is to become intermediate to advanced user of Microsoft Excel. I have dabbled with it in the past but lost interest. Since I am in my school learning mode I figured now is the time to level up. Looking at our future class schedule I’m certain that I would need to be proficient.

Another source I use a lot and find quite helpful is YouTube. Nowadays if you want to learn about a certain topic or a particular skill, most likely someone on Youtube has uploaded videos on the topic. YouTube has countless how-to videos to suit your needs. I would like to use the information that others have uploaded for examples and ideas. I would use it also as a reference.

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