HUM RES MGMT: Following the template above create a new job description for this new role.


Read Chapter 3 of the attatchment.

Job Descriptions

  • Why are job descriptions important to have? More importantly why are updated / accurate job descriptions critical to have?
    • Put in writing what our company / the hiring manager envisions and wants for that role
      • Communications tool to help articulate to employee what their job responsibilities are and what they have to do
      • Basis for reviews / goal setting / growth paths
    • Helps us market and identify the correct person for the job
      • Helps maximize dollars spent on compensation vs. experience and quality
    • Protects us in a legal environment
      • Documents legitimate minimum qualifications
      • Helps justify exempt status
      • Provides parameters for the interactive process / accommodations / other medical needs


  • What’s the difference between a job description and a job posting?
    • Legal / formal / detailed breakdown vs. advertisement / marketing of the role and company


You work for a large multinational beauty and skincare conglomerate. The Vice President of your division notified you that the current “Product Development Coordinator” suddenly quit after being in the role for only 6 months.

The VP has decided that your company needs to upgrade the role and hire someone with a little more experience to better suit the needs of the department and its stakeholders.


You have been tasked with updating the existing job description to fit the new needs of the business.

Following the template above create a new job description for this new role.

Ensure you have the following fields in your JD:

  • Title
  • Location
  • Exempt status
  • Company description or introduction
  • Quick summary of the role
  • Job duties/responsibilities
  • Desired Qualifications
  • Physical Demands

Use all of your tools at your disposal for research and create a solid legally compliant document!

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