Make powerpoint


For your
presentation, I would be grateful if you could do some research about the
underground ‘gay scene’ in America in the early to mid 20th century. The main key
area you should consider is The history of
“cruising” and community structures for anonymous sex

You should
aim to speak for between three and five minutes, not longer. It is not
necessary to summarise the lives of the authors we will be discussing, but I
would appreciate it if you could highlight notable moments in their writing and
their lives when they interacted (or failed to interact) with the subject which
you are discussing- Rechy’s experience of and writing about sex work,
for instance, or Bannon’s experience of and writing about the lesbian bar scene.

I would
also be grateful if you could each prepare one or two questions for class discussion. Whilst I do
not want to rule out either broad political questions or questions od authorial
intention, I would be grateful if these questions could focus as closely as
possible on the texts we are reading, and on what they meant to audiences when
they were published, and on what they mean to audiences now.

These are the direct instructions that needs to be followed. please put enough details on the slides to give me enough time about 3-5 mins (not any longer) to read off the slides during presentation. The one question I need to ask the audience should be at the end of the PowerPoint

There are some poems in attachments from the authors if you would like to use them for any help. You are fully able to use the internet to do your research for the powerpoint.


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