McDonald’s and Adaptation

Almost anywhere in the world you can find a McDonalds restaurant. However, the menu may be a bit different depending on where you go since they do adapt their menu to meet the local tastes of the countries they operate in. They also use different advertising campaigns in each country.

Go to YouTube and do some searches on “McDonalds overseas advertisements” or similar searches and find an example of a funny advertisement that McDonalds has done overseas. You may also find some videos of menu items that you can find at an overseas McDonalds, or some McDonalds advertisements in the country that you are studying for your SLP.

Choose a video or two that you think is the funniest or most interesting, and share with your classmates. Then explain the advertisement in the context of why you think McDonalds has chosen a strategy of product and advertising adaptation and how effective do you think the foreign advertisements that you’ve seen have been. In addition to the videos, also make sure to reference one of the readings from the background materials in your post.

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